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Once More, with Feeling (and a modesty sock)

Show: Sex Ed With Tim


So apparently those sex scenes you see in TV and movies are choreographed, and it involves this new thing called...consent? And intimacy? I don't know either of those words. I talk to Megan Gilron, an intimacy coordinator, about what it takes to make those steamy love scenes go smoothly. Or roughly, depending on how much stubble is present.

Movie/TV-set intimacy co-ordinators play key role bringing sizzling scenes to the screen - July 29, 2022

Vancouver Sun


On-set support a growing field, helping actors throw back the covers in intimate scenes.

Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 8.01.23 PM.png

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#METOO AND THE MOVIES: Dignity For Actors In The Age Of Accountability

Show: How to Love Forever


We learn about how the film industry is evolving its creation and representation of intimacy in movies and TV! & We get behind-the-scenes peaks in our conversation with a real life intimacy coordinator in the film industry! We had the privilege of conversing with Megan Gilron, intimacy coordinator for film & TV, based in Vancouver. Intimacy coordination is a quite a recent development, stemming pretty directly from the Me Too movement.

Act Safe Safety Association Newsletter - Article, Pg. 14

"Embracing “No”- The Next Consent Conversation" by Megan Gilron

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 11.04.15

Full article here:

Let's Talk about Sex Scenes - Part 1

Show: Bringing Ethics to Sex Scenes with Megan Gilron & Amanda Cutting


Intimacy Coordinators Megan Gilron and Amanda Cutting join me for a conversation about how the entertainment industry is evolving its practices to make sex scenes safer for performers. They talk about what intimacy coordinating is, how they got involved, why they do it, and how the BDSM community and porn industry have influenced their approach to their work.

Let's Talk about Sex Scenes - Part 2

Show: An Intimacy Coordinator critiques "Bonding" & "Special"


In part 2 of my conversation with intimacy coordinators Megan Gilron and Amanda Cutting, we talk about sex scenes in the Netflix shows "Bonding" & "Special". Megan sheds some light on the differences between BDSM and abusive relationships, and we discuss how kinky couples navigate consent. We also cover anal sex, depictions of sex workers in pop culture, the #metoo movement, and, last but not least, handjob karaoke.

GreenSeeds Music Society

Show: Intimacy Coordination on the set of ZERO

In this video, we talk to Megan Gilron about Intimacy Coordination on the set of ZERO! We weren’t just 
working to limiting our waste on set, we were making sure that the actors felt safe and listened to when it 
came to intimate moments. Intimacy Coordination is a great new (important) role popping up in the film 
industry and we were lucky to have Megan on set with us!


CKNW Programming - Part 1

Show: Intimacy on Film, Hepatitis C Treatments & Empowering Women


​On the Sunday Night Health Show with Maureen McGrath, we talk to Intimacy Coordinator Megan Gilron to chat about intimacy on movie sets, and how her role handles and manages it.

CKNW Programming - Part 2

Show: Hepatitis C Treatment, Doulas, & Consent in Film and TV

We speak to Megan Gilron who is an intimacy coordinator in the media industry to learn about consent, and its role in film and TV.


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