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Intimacy Coordination

As an Intimacy Coordinator, my greatest intention is to educate and advocate for all sexual expressions, identities, and experiences with the goal of diversifying representation in mainstream media. My hope is to empower audiences to discover and explore freedom in their sexual expression and identity.

Through pursuing my passions, I have cultivated a curated skill set in:

  • Sex and body neutrality and positivity

  • Gender identities and Expressions 

  • Boundaries and Consent

  • Assertiveness Skills

  • Non-Monogamy and Open Relationships

  • Compassionate Communication

  • Clothing and Intimacy

  • Kink/BDSM, specifically Shibari Rope Bondage and Alternative Sexual Lifestyles.


I bring insight and expertise to supporting accurate representations of diverse sexual expressions in mainstream media. 

Cardi Wong and Chris Carson in "Golden Delicious" Directed by Jason Karman. Photo by Syd Wong Photography. Intimacy Coordination by Megan Gilron and Phay Moores

My Core Values 

  • Empowerment

  • Access, Inclusivity and Diversity

  • Creative Collaboration

  • Advocacy for Unique Representations of Human Sexuality

  • Authenticity

  • Innovative Processes

  • Mindfully Evolution of Best Practices and Protocols

  • Integrative Approach to Sexuality and Storytelling

  • Trauma-informed Compassionate Accountability towards Cultural Healing

I confidently advocate for actors in a way that mitigates conflict and supports clear, efficient communication between cast and crew. I engage with actors and industry professionals on a personal and empathetic level.

I bring innovation to the creation of modesty garments and methods for clothing removal, evolving from my extensive costuming and wardrobe background.

I offer a vast curation of contacts, resources, tools, and techniques for normalizing and destigmatizing sex and sexuality, as well as training in communication from diverse sources. I offer a broad insight into many aspects of intimacy, from the biomechanics and normalization of sex to human connection and communication.

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Check out Principal Intimacy Professionals, Hollywood North’s team of Intimacy Professionals, for more information or to inquire about hiring me for your project!

Projects I've Supported

Intimacy Professional Training

Staging Sex: Non-Consensual Intimacy - Theatrical Intimacy Educators - March 2022

Instructors: Chelsea Pace

Kiss and Masking ChoreographyThe National Society of Intimacy Professionals - February 2022

Instructor: Rachel Flesher


Trauma-Informed Practices - Theatrical Intimacy Educators - February 2022

Instructors: Chelsea Pace


Recognizing and Responding to Sexual Violence Online Workshop - Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton - November-December 2021

Instructor: Stephanie Olsen

Leadership Life and Challenging ConversationsThe National Society of Intimacy Professionals - November 2021

Instructor: Jennifer Barroll

Respectful Workplaces in the Arts - The National Society of Intimacy Professionals - May 2021

Instructor: Farah Fancy

Supporting Trans Actors and Creatives - The Transgender Training Institute - May 2021

Instructors: Maybe Burke and Tweet Brock


Intimacy Choreography - Theatrical Intimacy Educators - August 2020

Instructors: Chelsea Pace, Laura Rikard

Studio Techniques, Casting, and Policy - Theatrical Intimacy Educators - July, 2020

Instructors: Chelsea Pace, Laura Rikard

Best Practices for Intimacy - Theatrical Intimacy Educators - July, 2020

Instructors: Chelsea Pace, Laura Rikard

Bystander Intervention: Conflict De-escalation - Hollaback! - June, 2020

Instructors: Various

Building Racial Equity: Foundations - Race Forward - April, 2020

Instructors: Various

Two-Spirit Indigenous Identities - Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services - April 2020

Instructor: Gabe Castilloux

1 Day Intimacy Intro to Film Workshop - March, 2020

Instructors: Amanda Cutting, Siobhan Richardson, Phay Moores, Sam Jeffery

3 Day Intimacy Film and Theatre Intensive - March, 2020

Instructors: Amanda Cutting, Siobhan Richardson, Phay Moores, Sam Jeffery

3 Day Intimacy for the Stage Workshop - February, 2020

Instructors: Amanda Cutting, Enric Ortuno

8 Day Intimacy Choreography Intensive -  Intimacy Directors International - February, 2020

Instructors: Alicia Rodis, Tonia Sina, Jessica Steinrock, Sasha Smith

Advanced Intimacy Coordinator Training - November 2019 - January 2020

Instructor: Alicia Rodis

Mental Health First Aid for Adults who Interact with Youth - Canadian Mental Health Association - April  2019

Instructor: Micheal Pietrus

3-day Intimacy Direction Workshop - November, 2018

Instructors: Siobhan Richardson, Sam Jeffery

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