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Intimacy Direction - Theatre


Working with Megan was a joy and a pleasure. She not only made intimacy work easy and understandable for myself and the actors, but she also made the exploration and discovery fun. She taught us that the process of finding what could be possible in a scene is just as valuable as locking down the choreography. Her approach emphasizes character specificity, toward what story is being told in the given moment. She also empowers the actors to tell her and the director what feels truthful. Once they have their boundaries and comfort established, with her guidance, they can play within the consensual sandbox they have established themselves. I loved exchanging thematic ideas with Megan about the play and the intimate scenes. She has the mind of a director, understanding and building the moment-to-moment work, as it impacts the piece as a whole. Additionally, she has the empathy and play of an actor, so can speak to their vulnerability, and allow a safe space to try things. I cannot wait to work with her again.

- Jessica Aquila Cymerman, Director- Julie: After Strindberg untold wants theatre


Megan’s consultation empowered me as a director to effectively navigate a complex situation. Her techniques and strategies were profoundly valuable. I would emphatically recommend her services to directors and producers. She set a professional, strategic and engaging tone that put the actors and me at ease.

- Jessica Gardner, Theatre Director and Associate Producer of Dark Glass Theatre


I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Gilron on a production of Ruined, by Lynn Nottage. Megan served as the costume designer….[she] is compassionate, thoughtful, laid-back, and professional. She is a true collaborator, whose balance of attention to detail and respect for the actor process, enabled her to serve the art of the production rather than her own ego. She is also passionate about many issues around [consent] and sexual activity, as is evidenced by her work in sexual education and advocacy. Her communication skills are superb, and she is able to communicate clearly and effectively to a wide range of people.

- Angela Konrad, Artistic Director of Dark Glass Theatre


I know Megan to be an inspiring professional as a designer, director and theatre-maker. She embodies the skills of a Sex Educator and Facilitator through her daily work and…she has the experience, drive and skills to fold this life knowledge into the creation of new works of art. She is an adept communicator who has proven that she can see to the heart of personal matters, provide conflict resolution, and inspire compassion.”

- Dave Mott, Artistic Director of Up in the Air Theatre


In addition to her practical theatre, television, and film skills, she is an adept communicator who has proven time and again the ability to see to the heart of personal matters, provide conflict resolution, and inspire compassion by modelling such talents.

- Jennifer Mills, IATSE 891 Background Coordinator and Costume Designer

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